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What We Do ?


Transforming ideas into immersive products tailored to your needs. Specializing in consumer apps, enterprise/SaaS software, and websites as a leading UI UX Design Agency in Mumbai, India.

UX Research

Using proven industry methodologies. We assume nothing = No surprises. 

UX Audit

Systemic assessment of existing product from usability POV

UX Consultancy

Expert guidance and hand-holding for your UX & design needs

User Experience Design

Creating empathy-based structure. Humanizing the digital experience.  

User interface Design

Making the interface visually immersive using the best design practices

Branding & Identity

Defining the brand philosophy. Adding consistency in look & feel.

Why UI UX?

Attract more prospects, increase conversions and profitability

UI UX Design is a critical aspect of building successful digital products. The right experience can turn users into dedicated customers, leading to increased sales and ROI

UI UX Design Agency in Mumbai allow you to plan out your project before any coding begins.  This ensures that your project is well-executed resulting in a seamless user experience that drives customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Empathetic Design is a key enabler for the success in the digital landscape.

Drive conversion
Seamless user journey
Stronger brand loyalty
Positive recommendations

OnePixll – UI UX Design Agency In Mumbai, India

When it comes to designing eloquent and divine experiences, OnePixll is one of the Top UI UX Companies in Mumbai, India. Unlike other average UX design agencies, we possess the industry trending skills and factors to deliver unmatched results. From launching a new product to redefining the interfaces and experiences, “Our agency excels with a top-tier strategy for UI UX design in Mumbai, India.
How it works

Our best-in-class UI UX Design Process Based on Proven Methodologies

… insight-driven approach that embraces both quantitative data and qualitative research. Our user experience design process involves identifying pain points and developing optimum solutions
Analysis & Strategize​

The process begins with an analysis of project goals and trends. 

We follow a Human-centred approach to discover the user requirements.


In the concept phase, we ideate to come up with unique solutions for the project.

The blueprints are formed and the desired outcome is clearly defined.

Product Design

The content is mapped to the platform. Design appealing visual elements.  The prototype is tested in a real environment.

The final design is delivered after incorporating the feedback.

Why Us?

Creative minds with a customer-first philosophy

We design immersive, user-centric digital products that your customers will rave about.

Empowering you to achieve your goals through tailored UI/UX solutions

  • You can rely on our experts to deliver impactful products on time.  We always strive to maintain the highest quality and confidentiality. We are in this for the long-term
  • Offering multiple work models we believe in providing maximum flexibility to our clients.Our processes are swift and Agile.
  • We invest the knowledge, experience, and resources for a perfect collaboration.Team-work = success

Why Choose OnePixll UI UX Design Company In Mumbai, India?

At OnePixll, we work hand in hand with business owners, developers, and creative professionals to design and deliver digital products or services. Our UI UX design agency in Mumbai, India has helped hundreds of businesses to gain visually stunning designs with immense benefits. Our team is fully adaptable and consistent in catering to a diverse range of verticals. We possess extensive decades of experience working for startups, corporates, agencies, enterprises, and more.  

Not just the time, but we also invest the appropriate time and efforts to ensure success for projects. We blend in the user behavior in UI UX design to maintain a high-performing and ultimate user experience. Leverage the most appealing and aesthetic user interfaces that can match the color and styling needs. We are the top UI UX company in Mumbai, India that can work with collaboration to your business and produce dazzling results. We have extensive experience in understanding corporate and agency models for delivering new products, services, and interface designs. 

Come to us for humanizing your website with the best UI in the web domain. Our designing ninjas are ready to serve you at budget prices.

Journey So Far

Our experience spans across various domains and industries

The insights acquired from working with different businesses drive us to take up new challenges with confidence.


Delivering UI/UX Design That Exceeds Your Expectation

Our UI/UX design services come with a customer-first philosophy to understand and cater to your business needs. Our team invests time, knowledge, and experience to create a foolproof plan for your business’s success and growth. Being the top-notch UI UX design services in Mumbai, India, we create beautiful designs and perfect user experiences at all stages of project cycles. OnePixll UI UX design services are centered around web design, development, product UI/UX, web application, mobile application, UAT testing, and more. Leverage top-quality services with commendable experience and expertise.  

  • UX Business Strategy
  • UX Audit
  • Creative Designing
  • UX Research
  • User testing
  • Prototyping & Development
  • Wireframing, and more.

Read the latest insights written by Industry veterans

Hand-picked articles from UI UX domain.  A treasure trove of trends and best practices in the world of user interface and user experience design.


Check Out What the Clients are Saying About OnePixll

Our expertise in digital assets has earned us the trust of top businesses. We take great pride in our client relationships and they enjoy collaborating with us. Our commitment to quality is unwavering and we consistently deliver on that promise. Read what our happy customers are saying about us.
Testimonial Image
Tanya Malik – Co-Founder, Moment

OnePixll UX Agency was a reliable UI/UX design partner. Professional and supportive, the team was cooperative yet willing to push the client to think beyond their biases. Their dedication and adaptability stood out, as did their consistency in delivering high-quality work on time.

Testimonial Image
Divesh Tanejs – Product Manager, PeopleStrong

The company is pleased with the product's intuitive UX design; it's also easy to implement and scale. OnePixll UX Agency has great communication skills and fast turnaround times. They're always accessible to the client, who cites no areas for improvement. Overall, the engagement has been successful.

Testimonial Image
Saurav Verma – Product Head, TerraviewOS

Thanks to OnePixll UX Agency’s experience, the client has been able to address their customers and improve the product based on their needs. Moreover, the team stands out for their flexibility and ability to provide solutions. They keep daily standing reviews to deliver promptly as it’s scheduled.

Testimonial Image
Prem Raj – Founder, Kanha Fashions

The platform developed by OnePixll UX Agency is simple and intuitive, meeting the client’s UI/UX requirements. The team is communicative, available, and timely, even when they’re busy with other projects. They’re also very responsive and reachable, and they ensure customer satisfaction.

Testimonial Image
Abhay Dubey – Founder UniKaksha

We selected OnePixll over competitors because they offered quality, flexibility and excellent communication. We found them very creative and professional. What impressed me about their work is the pixel perfection, quick turn-around time and great communication. Highly recommended!

Frequently Asked Question

Have a Question?

OnePixll has years of experience in designing user experiences that have impacted over a billion+ users worldwide. Our areas of expertise include website and web app UX design, mobile UI/UX experience, enterprise UX design, branding, and illustrations. We use research, product strategy, design thinking, and deep craft for design to deliver high-quality design solutions.

OnePixll follows a methodical and consistent approach to every design project. Our process includes three main stages: research, strategy, and design.

  • In the research stage, we conduct in-depth analysis of users, competitor analysis, and usability testing.
  • In the strategy stage, we build a customer-centric product roadmap aimed at enhancing growth, product stickiness, and market capture through increased user engagement.
  • In the design stage, we develop rugged information architecture, product mock-ups, user interface design, motion, microinteractions, and customized illustrations and icons that set the succinct identity for the final product.

OnePixll differentiates itself through its focus on people, design, and outcomes. Our people are hand-picked, and the team cares for their clients and users. We are passionate about design and believe that it can change the world for the better. We are result-driven and have a track record of delivering outcomes for our clients

OnePixll offers two models of engagement: Continuous product design and project-based delivery. 

Continuous product design is suited for product companies and MNCs with changing needs, where the scope and timeline evolve as per the requirements, and billing is on an hourly or monthly T&M basis. 


Project-based delivery is apt for design projects with clearly defined scope and deliverables, and projects are charged per project basis.

OnePixll uses a design very effectively to transform enterprise software redesign and digital transformation of legacy software. We engage and build trust with stakeholders early on in the redesign journey, modularize the design from bottom up, chart a strategic technology roadmap, and reimagine the legacy system within a modern and agile ecosystem through design thinking and HCD (human centered designs).

If you are looking for an expert UX design firm to partner with, you can fill out a form on OnePixll website with a brief summary of the project or the RFI/RFP. Our team usually responds within 24 hours. During the introductory call, we try to understand your business, requirements, project goals, budget, timeline, and other essential information. We sign an NDA and treat all client information with utmost confidentiality. Post the introductory call, we may request you to share with us different documentations. Once we are done with these procedures, we will share with you a proposal, schedule a video call, and walk you through the entire process.

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