Gather Data and Insights to make informed design decisions.

Understanding user needs and behaviors to create successful products that resonates with the target audience.

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Why Design is Important?

Ui Design directly influences how users perceive digital products or services

Studies indicate that 94% of first impressions are design-related

Consistent brand presentation across different platforms can increase revenue by up to 23%

57% of internet users state they won't recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile site

Our Design Process

We address complex problem statements & turn them into holistic experiences
Defining Objectives
Establishing clear project goals, user personas, and a design strategy based on research insights.
Ideation and Conceptualization
Creating low-fidelity wireframes that outline the structure. Developing interactive prototypes that represent the functionality and user flow of the interface.
UI Design Creation
Implementing the aesthetic and visual elements into the wireframe. Establishing design guidelines and principles to maintain consistency across the interface.
Usability Testing and Refinement
Conducting usability tests with real users to gather feedback on the UI Design. Implementing feedback and making necessary adjustments to the UI Design.
Development Handoff
Working closely with the development team to ensure a smooth handoff, providing design specifications, assets, and guidance. Ensuring the UI design is adaptable across different devices.
Launch and Post-launch Evaluation
Analysing user engagement, feedback, and metrics after the launch to identify areas for further improvement or optimization

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We are passionate about our work and constantly strive for excellence

Experienced Team

Extensive industry expertise in Web APPs, mobile APPs, SaaS and e-commerce.


Our collaborative approach puts the customer first.  We go the extra mile to make your product a success.

Sensibly Priced

An honest and fair pricing to suit every unique requirement and budget.  From first contact to Quotation in 6 hours.

ROI Driven

The bottom-line matters.  We bet you’ll see a clear increase in conversions post redesign

Research Based

Scientific and insight driven design approach.  We validate everything and assume nothing.

We're Agile

We follow Agile method of working and the principles of Project management to execute what we promise.

Quality & Timeline

Unwavering focus on quality and on-time delivery are our core commitments.  

Start-Up Friendly

We understand the challenges faced by start-ups and are always super supportive.

Unlock Limitless Potential with Dedicated Remote Talent

Hire Resources/Remote Team for any project size

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Frequently asked questions

Have a questions? wer’e to help you
OnePixll follows a methodical and consistent approach to every design project. Our process includes three main stages: research, strategy, and design. In the research stage, we conduct in-depth analysis of users, competitor analysis, and usability testing. In the strategy stage, we build a customer-centric product roadmap aimed at enhancing growth, product stickiness, and market capture through increased user engagement. In the design stage, we develop rugged information architecture, product mock-ups, user interface design, motion, microinteractions, and customized illustrations and icons that set the succinct identity for the final product.

OnePixll has years of experience in designing user experiences that have impacted over a billion+ users worldwide. Our areas of expertise include website and web app UX design, mobile UI/UX experience, enterprise UX design, branding, and illustrations. We use research, product strategy, design thinking, and deep craft for design to deliver high-quality design solutions.

Adorn your accordion section with icon on the left-hand side that will help your visitors to understand better about the respective accordion tab.

Adorn your accordion section with icon on the left-hand side that will help your visitors to understand better about the respective accordion tab.

Adorn your accordion section with icon on the left-hand side that will help your visitors to understand better about the respective accordion tab.


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