UX Research

Qualitative and Quantitative UX research to get key insights

Examining the target audience to fully understand their expectations, behavior, habits, and emotions.
User Interviews

Users are asked questions to gather information about their needs, preferences, motives and pain areas.

It’s structured to obtain qualitative information from users. 


We test the product with a sample users under observation.  The purpose is to gain insights about performance, areas of improvement and notice any misunderstandings.

Proof of concept

Only for new product/services/feature.


Before investing resources in building an idea, it helps to gauge how potential users perceive the concept.


SWOT analysis.  Helps understand the competition.


A thorough study of competitors strength, weakness, USP, TG.

Why UX Research Is Important?

UX research helps prioritize, articulate user stories, and inform decisions on how the product will work and look

Identify The User Parsona
Helps Identify the Target Market
Understand your competition
Informed Product Decisions
Reduce Efforts & cost of Development
Design Outcome that works for its customers

Our Work

Vineyard management platform


Matrimony WebApp


eLearning Patform


Our expertise lies in providing specific and practical insights that represent voice of the user and resonate with business objectives

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